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We provide counseling and consultation often at no cost to qualified veterans and their family members. Private, professional, and knowledgeable, we can help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other issues that veterans may face such as depression, anxiety, anger management, and family problems.

We help with readjustment to civilian life after leaving the military. We also offer individual, marriage, family, and group counseling, along with assessments for PTSD and educational classes for PTSD and related issues.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Hi Marv,
    You are listed by Optum Health as the only provider in the area that does home visit therapy for Medicare clients. Are you still doing this?

    1. I am keeping that open for now, but I am not taking any non veteran clients for now or in the foreseeable future……marv

  2. I always feel confident referring to Sue and Marv at Central Washington Vets. The groups are so helpful to Vets and their partners too. And clients can choose individual counseling too.
    Susan Evans, LICSW

    1. Thanks for your response, Susan. We love our veterans and want to help them. I will pass this along to Sue and Marv.

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PTSD counseling for vets and families