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Our Counselors

About Us

Heather Hill, MA, LMHC

Heather heads up our practice, seeing clients, keeping up on the latest research, and matching new clients with counselors. She holds a Master’s degree from Liberty University.

S. Dianne Hansen, MA, Education-Psychology/ BS, Sociology/Social Work

Dianne has worked in mental health counseling and related fields since 1988. She is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and a graduate of George Fox University, where she studied sociology and social work and earned a BS in Sociology/Social Work.  She received her MA in Ed-Psychology from Heritage University in 1999. Dianne has worked with various agencies and populations over the years and brings years of experience and a compassionate, caring approach to our practice. She loves working with veterans and their families.


Cynthia Buckley LMHC,
Master of Science Psychology Walden University
Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Sciences Central Washington University

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site


Cynthia Buckley is a counselor who integrate teaching, therapy, and coaching into her practice with clients. She approaches her work from a philosophy that people are multifaceted human beings who benefit from recovering from mental health issues but also in reaching their highest potential. “My approach is to help you heal from what is holding you back in life so you can accomplish your dreams and fulfill your purpose. When was the last time you thought about your goals and dreams? It can be difficult when you’re just trying to manage your anxiety or overcome a traumatic experience. Most of the time we get in our own way with self-defeating beliefs and lack of self-confidence. It is possible to live an amazing life, but you will have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and that is the most challenging part of personal growth. I would love to help you overcome your challenges so you can focus on what is truly important in life!”

Marv Hinz, MA, MSW, LCSW

MarvMarv first worked with the military after being drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War. After becoming a counselor in the military, Marv moved into crisis intervention work with adolescents and their families. Later he developed a family counseling agency. He also worked with foster and group homes, and a youth work program. Since then, he has worked for county mental health agencies and been in private practice. His current private practice involves working with veterans and their families. Marv works with individuals, couples, and groups, and does mediation, hypnosis, and has specialized in chronic mental health issues (severe depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, to list some). Marv says he is still reading research, but most of what he knows is what he learned by listening to those who have blessed him with sharing their life stories.

Sue Dickinson, MA, LMFT

Suzan DickinsonSue is our former owner, who has retired from practice. An Army brat herself, Sue  has worked all over the world with active military personal and their families with much of this work centered around deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. With more than 40 years of professional mental health experience, Sue has expertise with a wide range of issues including PTSD, marriage counseling, parenting, depression/anxiety, anger, and life transitions. Sue holds a Master’s degree in psychology from Antioch University.


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